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Rodac RDEP67F - Electric Pallet Truck, 1500 kg capacity, 4.52" lift

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In order to meet the needs of the national environmental protection request to reduce industrial pollution and improve productivity, our product RDEP67F Walkie Electric Pallet truck on the basis of absorption of the advantages of domestic and overseas battery Pallet truck. They are especially suitable for cargo loading and unloading, handling, stacking, etc. for food, bank, light textiles, station, port, logistics and other industries.

Our company production modelRDEP67F type 1.5 T Walkie Electric Pallet Truck is a special motor vehicle used in factories, tourist attractions, amusement parks which are specified by the " Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations.

RDEP67Fis a tramp type electric pallet truck. It benefits from an advanced structure such as ring rod lifting system and newAir controller and it is equipped with high-quality motor, lithium batteries and pump station motor. It has the characteristics of superior performance, convenient operation, flexible steering, reliable braking, good dynamic performance, less noise, less pollution, and beautiful appearance.This series truck is suitable for working on the smooth ground in warehouses. If you cannot maneuver it under the conditions below, please do not use it.

The service environment has to be :

a. At a temperature not over +40℃ and not under-10℃;
b. On a floor where’s the gradient isn’t over 3%;
c. When environmental temperature at +40℃ the relative humidity can’t be above 50 and at low temperature,big relative humidity is required;
d. Ground needs to be hard and flat;
e. It is forbidden to use this car in corrosive environment such as a flammable and an explosive or acid base.

Proper usage

Please use the electric pallet truck accord to this specification.
  • This is a tramp type electric pallet truck with autonomous control, lifting and lowering is controlled by the handle button. Improper use can cause personal injury or machine damage. Operators or operating companies need to ensure proper using.
  • The truck needs to be used on a firm, flat, intact and suitable surface .It is designed for indoor use at room temperature from-10°C to +40°C .
  • Use it under light load without using permanent barriers or pits. It is forbidden to operate on the slopes. During operation, the goods must be placed approximately in the middle of the truck’s load center.
  • Lifting or carrying people are strictly prohibited. If goods are carried, they must fall on the lifting point.
  • It is prohibited to use this truck on lifting or loading ramps.
  • The rated capacity is marked on the capacity label or nameplate. And the operator must pay attention to the warming signs and safety instructions.
  • The operating lighting must be at least 50 LUX.

Any modification that may affect the truck rated capacity, stability, or safety operations must be approved in advance by the truck’s original or authorized manufacturer or its successor. This includes the effects of changes such as braking, steering operation, visibility and the addition of removable accessories.
After the manufacturer or its successor approves the modification or change, the capacity name plate, label, identification marks, operation and maintenance manual must all be changed accordingly.
Truck damage caused by not following instructions will lose its warranty.

Manufacturer Part #:ZU67F